Handmade knits, scarves Pins & Sliders dress up any ensemble

Personally designed, knit, and printed by Gita Maria you'll find an amazing collection of colorful, bright knits, scarves, shawls, pins, sliders and finished jewelry to enhance your wardrobe.  Go from bland to casually elegant just by adding one of Gita Maria's collections of knits, fabrics and silver jewelry.  Combine one or more knit shawls, silk scarves, knit pins, bandanas, lariats to polish any outfit. 

Many of Gita Maria's designs are inspired by the dogs and critters that we all love.  We always welcome customer suggestions and photos to help us create our new dog themed pins and jewelry.  Gita has been a life-long dog lover and realizes this is an enormous, exciting design opportunity…so many breeds, colors, shapes, and different personalities of dogs... No Dog Left Behind

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